Beginning of Dancing for adults


The answer is yes – yes! It is possible and necessary!

Dancing helps at any age to develop plasticity and flexibility, to find a beautiful posture and good physical shape. A pleasant addition to this will be the admiring glances of friends, relatives and colleagues at all parties!

If you want to engage in dancing, but still have not done it, then you are most likely disturbed by one of the common misconceptions. We will help you figure them out.

At my age it’s too late to start dancing.
It’s never too late to start dancing! Dance classes should start at any age, whether you are 20, 40 or 70. In our dance studio “Focus Dance Club” there are students of all ages.

I don’t have a partner, so I can’t dance.
You can. Having a partner in the early stages of training is not at all necessary. In the classroom, coaches and students of our studio will dance with you as a partner. The most important thing is not a partner, but your personal desire to practice dancing. Feel free to come to our dance hall for dance lessons, get basic knowledge and skills, and in the process of training, look for a partner. In addition, a person who knows the basics, as a rule, is much easier to find a dance partner than an absolute beginner.

I won’t succeed.

The most common misconception. Rather, even an excuse. Anyone who wants to learn how to dance and works hard will succeed. In order to more successfully learn ballroom dancing, additional individual lessons that will be given to you by the trainers of the Focus Dance Club Dance Studio are very important. You will succeed!

I’ve never worked / studied dance.
We start training from the very basics. First, we study the basic steps, work on coordination and on the technique. After our first lesson you will dance the main movements of the dance to the music.
Is it possible, starting classes in adulthood, to participate in tournaments and compete with dignity?

Sure! A dancer of any age and level of training is available all aspects of a sports dance life! We work with all our students professionally and with pleasure, bringing them to the level of skill that they choose for themselves!

Now you are convinced that there is no reason not to dance! Visit us and have fun and joy that will give you dancing classes. In our Dance Studio “Focus Dance Club” we will help you master the art of dance.