How to get high places in tournaments


This question is very often asked by parents and students. The answer is just one word – WORK! After all, if you are thinking about participating in competitions, it means dancing for you is not just a hobby, but a sport and, as in any other sport, in sports ballroom dancing you need to work hard to win! What does it mean?

Be sure to regularly attend classes in groups 2 times a week. The pass is only due to a medical ban. The arrival of relatives, even the most beloved ones, a trip to a cafe, bad weather, lazy mood, etc. The reason for skipping classes are not.

Mandatory 2 individual lessons with a trainer per week. Only in this way can a trainer reveal to each dancer and a dancing couple their abilities, their features, and help develop them in accordance with the strict canons and requirements of dance sports.

Mandatory independent training without the presence of a coach. These trainings consist not only in repeating the dance variation learned in the lesson, but also in a thorough, detailed, and therefore a long study of each step, each movement. It may seem monotonous, boring, but without it there will not be a high quality dance, which means there will be no victory.
Be sure to note the choreography, dance steps and techniques for their implementation, comments and recommendations of the coach.

Mandatory additional work on the physical form: stretching, endurance, plastic.
Be sure to monitor your diet.Rest is very important! Be sure to organize your time so that you have the opportunity to relax, get positive emotions, restore strength.
Necessarily, as in any other sport, the presence and use of special dance training clothes and shoes in the classroom. Learn more about this here.

It is necessary to realize that dancing is a sport that requires significant material costs: classes, costumes, trips to competitions and fees cost money. You need to decide for yourself the issues of financial preparedness for investment in success.

These are the fundamental conditions for the path to a sports victory of the dancer. The interest and all-round support of loved ones is important, patience is needed, willpower is needed so that in spite of fatigue, and sometimes pain, through “I can’t”, “I don’t want”, “not today” and others “not”, go to the gym and train . Until the first right step, to the first high-quality and beautifully danced dance, to the first, in a series of many subsequent victories on the dance floor!