PRO-AM dance in "Focus Dance Club"

FOCUS DANCE CLUB Vienna invites all dance enthusiasts who really want to dance “in a serious way” to Pro-Am. Pro-Am is a format that has gained many fans all over the world and is becoming more and more popular.

But what exactly means Pro-Am? And what are the differences to other dance styles and formats?

If you learn to dance pro-am, it means that the dance couple consists of one professional dancer (the trainer) and one amateur dancer (the dance student). The partner (i.e. the professional dancer) also trains his partner (i.e. the amateur). With Pro-Am, the amateur gets the pleasure of having the professional dancer around him all the time, who dances with him, educates him, motivates him and improves his dancing.

Those who dance Pro-Am can participate in special Pro-Am tournaments. Pro-am competitions are multifaceted. This ranges from tournaments in which only one selected dance is shown to competitions in all common Standard and Latin dances. In our dance studio FOCUS DANCE CLUB you will receive a very personal training for pro-am. It is important to us that you have fun learning and joy of dancing and that you can shine on the parquet!

Pro-Am dancing is exactly the right thing if you…

  • …can’t imagine a life without dancing.
  • …not only want to dance beautifully, but also on a high level.
  • …don’t have a dance partner, but seriously want to dance in a couple.
  • …want to dance tournaments.
  • …want to dance beautifully and inspire others with it.
  • …want to present yourself confidently on the dance floor.
  • …want to perform well with your professional dancer.
  • …want to fulfil your long-cherished dream of shining on the dance floor in an elegant dance costume.

In addition, at Pro-Am you also enjoy all the advantages that individual lessons offer. You can find out more about our private lessons here.

In our school, the Pro-Am classes are led by real dance professionals – they are led by the reigning Austrian champions, who have also won numerous international competitions and have been teaching successfully for years. Our trainers high level education is the key to your success. Only in this way can you make rapid progress and achieve great results in dancing. Register for our Pro-Am courses at our dance studio FOCUS DANCE CLUB. You will see that anyone can learn to dance as well as win tournaments. The main thing is your wish and the right choice of trainer. After all, your coach will be your dance partner on the dance floor!

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