Choosing shoes for dancing


It’s no secret that dancing is a hobby that requires certain investments. Among other things, this is the purchase of special shoes and clothing for dancing.

Dance shoes are created taking into account all the features of this sport and art. It provides the correctness and beauty of the performance of dance elements.

In ballroom dancing, there are two types of shoes – for the Latin American and for the European program. The design of the shoes in them differs significantly depending on the specifics of the steps. For the Latin American program, movement from the toe and maximum arching of the foot are important. The European (standard) program involves movement from the heel and emphasis on the heel.

In addition, there are age restrictions on the choice of shoes for sports ballroom dancing. This is due to the characteristics of children’s and adolescent physiology.

Women’s dancing shoes
Up to 12 years old only shoes with block heels.
From 12 to 14 years old – a fairly wide Cuban heel is allowed with a glass for latin.
Since 14 years there are no restrictions. A.
Women’s dance shoes suggest a heel height of 5 to 9 cm, with a mandatory silicone protector. The top of the shoe is made of suede, leather or satin, the sole of suede.

Men’s dance shoes
Shoes for the European heel program and the Latin program.
Men’s shoes are made of leather, their sole is made of suede. Shoes for the program “standard” on a low heel, most often varnished. Shoes for “latina” with high heels, equipped with a short arch support.
It is important to pay attention to the quality of shoes. You should not save on dancing shoes, because good, correctly selected shoes guarantee the health of the dancer’s legs and help him achieve his goals on the floor.

The trainers of our Dance Studio “Focus Dance Club” are always happy to help you choose the right dance shoes for training and for competitions .