Latin dance courses (Salsa, Rueda, Bachata & more)

Latin dance courses (Salsa, Rueda, Bachata & more) in "Focus Dance Club"

Do you like hot Latin rhythms, passionate dances, the atmosphere of sensuality and pure freedom? Then here is a very hot tip for you:
Join us at the Studio FOCUS DANCE CLUB Vienna and participate in our Latin dance course. Are you in the mood for sharp Salsa rhythms? Or how about a romantic Bachata? Or a spirited Rueda? And then there would be among many others also the spicy Cumbia… These and other Latin American dances are easy to master with our help – under the sensitive guidance of our experienced studio trainers. You can choose what best suits your character and temperament.

Dancing is first and foremost a dialogue. It is an exchange of emotions between the dance partners. It is their interaction and mutual understanding that is reflected in their movements on the dance floor. These dances reflect our emotions in their full range. There is a lot of improvisation included, without any prescribed standards, any schemes or even boring and monotonous memorization. In each new dance class, we create a new, very special choreography. It is enough to have mastered the basics (i.e. the basic elements and steps) and to practise staying in rhythm so that you can relax and feel your freedom of movement while dancing.

The reward for training with us at our place could not be better: to be aware of your erotic charisma, to feel sexy, to be able to move from elegantly to seductively, to make new friends and to shine at parties.

Most Latin dances are couple dances. In practice, not only is there communication between her and him, but also an exchange of energy between the partners.

But: Don’t worry, if you don’t have a partner at hand! In our classes, the pairs are put together again and again. They change very easily. This way you learn to dance with each partner and to move skilfully to music and rhythm. If you are tired of your work, if you want to give new energy to your leisure program or if you are in a good mood and fancy new relationships, then simply sign up for our Latin dance courses here at the Studio FOCUS DANCE CLUB.

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