The Importance of Dancing for Teens


Much has been said about the importance of dancing for the harmonious physical and spiritual development of the child. Special attention should be paid to the reasons why dancing classes are really needed in the teenage period.

A very important factor in the formation of a harmonious personality is the development of the emotional sphere. This is especially important for children aged 9-15 years, when a teenager, serious physiological changes and changes in consciousness begin to occur. He has a growing need for self-affirmation and a desire for independence. This is based on the desire to be and be considered an adult.

And in this delicate period of the child’s life and the formation of his own “I”, dancing is an indispensable assistant. Dance, like nothing else, makes it possible for adolescents to uncover in themselves and show others the full diversity of their emotional world and express the most subtle nuances of emotions, to show their individuality, while showing respect and mutual understanding in relation to a partner.

And all these skills are necessary for a teenager in everyday life outside the dance hall. And this, you see, is really important!
The indispensable assistant in resolving all these issues will be the “Focus Dance Club” Dance Studio.