Rules of the dancestudio


  1. Registration for classes can be done online or in person with the respective teacher.
  2. By registering, the student (or his/her parents) confirms that he is aware of the rules and agrees to them.
  3. The student (or the parents) is aware and accept a certain risk that is involved in attending classes. Trainings are held at the studio in a way, that the student is able and remains able to do physical exercises.
  4. Payments for already booked lessons are non-refundable.
  5. There are no refunds, surcharges, or refunds possible. As soon as a student participates in one of his classes, his subscription is considered “used”.
  6. In case of absence (illness), the classes of a monthly subscription are neither made up for nor reworked. An extension of the subscription by one month is only possible if you did not or could not attend a single lesson during the booked or paid period. A transfer (extension) is only possible once and only for the next month.
  7. All kinds of discounts for subscriptions are available on prepayment (i.e., before the first day of the month for which payment is due).
  8. Studio visitors are obliged to keep the studio clean and follow the rules of public order. No street shoes or street clothes are allowed in dance classes.
  9. Visitors are financially liable for any damage they cause to the studio property. In the event of damage to the Studio property due to the fault of the visitor, the visitor is obliged to compensate the value of the damaged and/or lost property. Studio management will determine who caused the damage.
  10. It is forbidden to take photos and videos without the administration’s permission.
  11. The studio does not accept any liability for the wardrobe or valuables. No liability is taken for wardrobe.
  12. Photos and videos may be taken by the trainer or another photographer during classes.
  13. By registering, the student (or his/her parents) agrees that the photos and videos of the customer may be used for any publication in the press, on the various social networks, in the media and on websites. By consenting, the student acknowledges that these are free of charge.
  14. Participant’s personal data, which is required for group lessons or special events, are stored on data carriers and used for internal purposes only. The participant agrees to the collection, processing and use of such data for commercial purposes.The participant may revoke this consent at any time.