Dancing, as a sport and art at the same time, has another indisputable advantage. They make it possible to dress beautifully, stylishly, brightly and boldly, elegantly and romantically. Dancing provides the opportunity for personal expression not only through movement, but also through the costume, which is an integral part of the dance image.
The characters of dances of each dance program are radically different from each other.

Latina is an incendiary, expressive, very dynamic dance. The standard is the severity of lines, grace and aristocracy of movements.

Of course, such differences in dances were reflected in the costumes chosen for their performance. For the Latina program, these are short, bright dresses for ladies, wide trousers and decorated shirts for gentlemen, for the standard program, elegant dresses with long puffy skirts for ladies, straight trousers, formal shirts (vests and tailcoats) for gentlemen.

It is very important that the costume chosen for the tournament matches the dance program. Children under 12 years old should wear only simple children’s costumes for the competition.

It must be remembered that for competitive costumes there are clear requirements established by the International Federation of Dance Sports and must be reckoned with, as judges must pay attention to this. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in disqualification of a dancer in a competition!

The trainers of our Dance Studio “Focus Dance Club” are always happy to help you choose the right dance costume for training and for competitions.