Dancing shoes


This is the question we hear most often at the beginning of the new school year, when the largest number of new students comes to our studio.

Really, why?
When a child takes his first steps in his life, his parents carefully select comfortable and high-quality shoes for him so that the first shoes do not harm the baby’s legs, his gait and all posture as a whole. It is the right first shoes that help the child learn how to walk.

For the first steps on the floor, shoes are no less important. Regardless of the age of the novice dancer. Often beginners think, that they can dance with sports shoes. There are dance styles where exactly such shoes are the most suitable. But not in ballroom dancing. Here you need special shoes.
Dance shoes provide the correct, safe, effective, comfortable and appropriate foot work program. It provides the necessary contact between the dancer and the parquet. In addition, shoes are an integral part of the integrity of the dance image.
The dancer, who immediately begins to practice in properly selected special shoes, does not face discomfort and pain. In addition, later there will be no need to relearn the steps to take the familiar steps that were learned in unsuitable shoes (athletic or casual).

Classes in inappropriate shoes will not give the desired effect, will not bring pleasure from dancing, and it is precisely for the sake of feeling incomparable joy from the dance that adults and children go to the floor.

Trainers of our Dance Studio “Focus Dance Club” are always happy to help you choose the right dance shoes for training and for competitions .